Non-Splash Funnel

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The Non-Splash Funnel will provide the function needed for a variety of fluid transfer operations

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Features & Specs

The Non-Splash Funnel is a 9 ½ inch long and 7 inch wide funnel with a 2 inch splash lip around the opening. Thus providing a fast fluid transfer rate and reduces spillage. Additionally the non-splash funnel offers an internal 40 micron screen that will filter out debris from your fluids. The flexible hose will enable users to place the outlet portion of the funnel in hard to reach places, making your fluid transfer operations much easier. This funnel has a flip top lid to ensure debris does not get into the inside of funnel. Additionally, this funnel has a dust plug and tether to ensure unwanted dust and debris does not get into the drain hose either. The unique design will provide the function needed for a variety of fluid transfer operations.

  • 9 ½ inch long and 7 inch wide opening with which to transfer fluids
  • Flip top lid to eliminate unwanted debris from getting into the funnel and into your fluids
  • Dust plug and tether to keep dust from getting inside the drain tube
  • Flexible hose that will bend and flex into tough to reach spots, making the fluid transfer job incredibly easy
  • Internal 40 micron screen to filter the fluids being transferred
  • Removable hose for compact storage


Non-Splash Funnel Includes

  • Funnel and lid
  • Flexible drain hose
  • 40 Micron screen filter
  • Tether and dust plug

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