Product Development Group

The Maker of the FLO-FAST Product Line


Our mission is simple at Product Development Group. We aim to provide superior portable fluid transfer systems that are versatile and durable enough to meet the requirements of our diverse customers.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of portable fluid transfer systems to all applicable sectors, including (but not limited to) the racing, marine, government, military, industrial, and lawn and garden markets. To that end, Product Development Group strives to provide superior pumps, containers and accessories. Because we serve customers who require a fluid transfer system for a wide variety of reasons, from fueling a boat to safely transporting corrosive chemicals, we aim to make versatile and durable products that can meet our customers’ various requirements.


FLO-FAST was conceived after a fuel spill at a race track. Thus, early on FLO-FAST was developed as a safe and easy way to transfer fuel into and out of race cars. The inventor, Norman Franks, was at a race track getting ready to fuel up before a test session. He had his funnel and fuel container ready to pour, but as the fuel began to pour the funnel tipped and fuel went everywhere. There was gasoline all over the inside of the roll cage and on the seat cushion. It was a mess and a huge hassle.

On the way home from the race track, Norman determined to figure out a safe and fool-proof way to fuel a race car. Two years later he had conceived of, invented, tested and was close to bringing a product solution to market. FLO-FAST was launched in 2006 at the Performance Industry Trade show in Orlando Florida.

In the first two years of business, the focus was on the racing and motorsports markets. There was an immediate need and racers were going to be quick to see the merits of the product, adapt quickly and use FLO-FAST. As the company grew, so did the requests from customers who had boats, ATVs, commercial businesses, farms to run, etc. With all of these new market requests, there was a need for more storage capacity, which pushed FLO-FAST to invest in tools to make larger containers – 7.5, 10.5 and 15-gallon sizes. As the containers sizes got larger, we needed to come up with a way to transport them, so the Versa Cart was developed to hold up to 21 gallons. Today we have pumps, containers and a cart to transport and transfer all different types of fuels, water, and even harsh chemicals safely and easily.

Over the years, we have had a host of requests from our customers for accessories that would make their fluid transfer operations even easier. Product Development Group listened and began producing a full line of accessory items that are purchased with the majority of the FLO-FAST systems we sell.

And here we are today! Now we have 95 active dealers, 10 regional and national retailers in the United States, along with distribution in the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Australia, Canada. It has been an amazing journey thus far and Product Development Group intends to take FLO-FAST into the future with continued research and development to insure we have a superior fluid transfer system and related products to meet our customers’ needs.