FLO-FAST Professional Model Filter

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The FLO-FAST Professional Model Filter was designed to go onto the end of our Professional Model Pump draw tube to keep debris from getting into your fluid.

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Features & Specs

The FLO-FAST ™ Professional Model Filter is ideal if you are concerned with debris getting in your fluid. It has internal threads that simply screw onto a draw tube. With the large aluminum housing and internal plastic cartridge, your fluid flow rate will not be impacted.

Not to be used with Methanol.


  • Filter will give you the confidence of having clean fluid
  • Gives ability to place the draw tube down to the very bottom of your container to reduce the amount of residual fluid left
  • If removable screen becomes dirty- simply remove the pin, pull out the cartridge, blow it off, and then place back in the aluminum housing
  • 80 micron cartridge


Filter Includes

  • Aluminum housing
  • Internal plastic cartridge

Questions & Reviews

Customer questions & answers

  • Question:

    My old filter fell off the tube. How do you reattach?

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      You should be able to screw the filter right back on, unless you broke the threads off the tube, which then you would need a new lower draw tube.

  • Question:

    Is this filter cleanable, or how long is it good for?

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      Yes, the screen is removable, allowing you to clean it.

  • Question:

    I bought the 15 gallon yellow container with pump for diesel fuel. Will this filter attach to the my pump intake?

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      As long as you have our Professional model pump, yes, this filter should screw on the bottom of the draw tube.


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