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The FLO-FAST™ DEF pour spout enables quick and easy pouring from a FLO-FAST™ container.

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Features & Specs

The FLO-FAST™ DEF pour spout was designed for the FLO-FAST™ containers. The FLO-FAST™ pour spout offers an ultra solid cap with increased thickness around the top edge to support the internal O-ring and threads for the fitting.  Additionally the ultra flexible hose will bend easily and can be placed in tough-to-reach locations.  The spout includes a plug and tether that will keep any debris or dust out of the internal hose.  The spout and cap is built to last and will provide a great solution for your portable, DEF transfer needs.

  • Cap included
  • When spout is needed, simply pull off the original cap. Put our cap and pour spout onto your container.  This way, you will always keep your original cap intact which will provide a better-sealed container when transporting
  • 16 inch hose length with premium flex hose
  • The unique dust plug and tether was designed to keep any unwanted debris from getting inside the hose, helping keep your fluids clean


DEF Pour Spout Includes

  • 3 inch wide cap and internal O-ring
  • 16 inch hose with stainless steel clamp
  • Dust plug and coated cable tether

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