FLO-FAST Unleaded Tank Adapter

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The FLO-FAST Unleaded Tank Adapter was designed to go into an end of our Pump Hose to help transfer fluids into a tank that has an unleaded size (⅞ inch O.D.) opening.

* This is now included with every purchase made after 3/1/2019 that includes our Professional Model Pump. Please make sure you are not double ordering this item.

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Features & Specs

The FLO-FAST™ Unleaded Tank Adapter is a necessity if you are transferring fluids into a tank that has an unleaded size (⅞ inch O.D.) opening. Many new boats, jet skis, equipment and most all new vehicles have a standard unleaded tank opening and this will ensure that the hose fits into the opening. This adapter will also provide a great seal with the tether and plug.

  • 7 inch long aluminum tube; fits in 3/4" I.D. x 1" O.D. Hose
  • Allows for a great seal with unleaded tether and plug
  • Fits into all unleaded tank size openings


Unleaded Tank Adapter Includes

  • 7 inch long aluminum tube
  • 1 stainless steel hose clamp

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