FLO-FAST Professional Model Replacement Handle

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  • Question:

    I need a replacement handle for a rotary pump. Can't be over 5in long or it hits top of tank.

  • Question:

    What are the specifications of the bolt for the professional model replacement handle? The instructions were not clear on what socket size to use to turn the bolt. Also, would like to know the threading style (coarse/fine/other)?

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      You should not secure the handle with a socket. Hand tighten and then snug tight with a 1/2" open ended wrench or crescent wrench.

  • Question:

    Is the flo-fast professional model replacement handle for the 15 gallon container? Thank you

    • Answer (From: Josh)

      The size of the container is irrelevant for the replacement handle. A FLO-FAST Professional Model Replacement Handle is for the Professional Model Pump. We have also made and sold a Select Model and Premium Model pump to go along with the Professional Model. All three models of pumps fit any size container. It would be best to check your records to see which model pump you have.


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