FLO-FAST 5 Gallon Container

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The stackable 5 Gallon Container is rotationally molded with a plastic composite material that is compatible with a variety of fluids from water to fuels and most chemicals.

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Features & Specs

The all NEW stackable 5 gallon container feature sets it apart from any other utility container on the market. This 5 gallon container was designed for portable fluid transfer applications ranging from a variety of recreational uses and commercial purposes. Its rotationally-molded polyethylene  construction combined with a single handle on top and recess handle in bottom, makes it ultra-functional and exceptionally durable; it will hold up in any type of environment. The material is compatible with aqueous fluids, fuels, oils, and many types of chemicals.  The patent-pending technology of the single or multi brass air valve maximizes fluid flow, especially when utilized with the FLO-FAST Pump System. This 5 gallon container will provide the utility and function necessary for all your portable fluid and fuel transfer operations.


  • Dimensions:  11 x 11 ¼ x 18.5
  • Container holds 5 gallons of fluid
  • Liquid level indicators in liters and gallons
  • Container is rotationally-molded which gives additional wall thickness throughout, making it ultra-durable and long-lasting
  • 3 inch opening with solid-plastic cap and internal O-ring to provide maximum seal
  • Single handle for ease in transport, grip, and handling
  • Handle grip on bottom of container makes pouring fast, safe, and easy
  • Molded-in, female brass insert, combined with male vent valve to provide ample airflow when utilizing the Flo-Fast Pump, as well as when pouring with or without a spout
  • Optional to add a 2nd male vent valve for maximum fluid flow
  • The FLO-FAST Versa Cart holds 2 or 4 of the FLO-FAST 5 gallon containers
  • Designed and built to fit standard motorsport container (jug) holders inside toy/race haulers
  • Fits under most tonneau covers on trucks



  • 5 gallon container (jug)
  • Cap and internal O-ring
  • Brass air vent valve



Warranty & Safety

Steps the operator must take before Pumping or Drawing any volatile / combustible fluid  
  • If you choose to pump or draw any type of flammable liquid do not use this pump or system around any flame or any type of electrical motor or devise that may cause a spark or static spark.
  • Always make sure the FLO-FAST pump and the container it is in, is placed on the ground before pumping or drawing any fluid.
  • Apply static wire clamp to the filler opening to reduce the risk of static.
  • Do not transfer any fuel with engine running, hot exhaust can ignite fuel.
  • Make sure the squeeze clamp is applied before transferring fluid. The squeeze clamp is to make sure the hose will stay in the filler opening.
  • Always keep the hose in contact with the filler opening. (After you have applied the squeeze clamp to the unit that you are pulling fluid from or pumping fluid into, the hose will stay in contact with the filler opening, therefore dissipating any static build up from the pump or system.)
  • If fuel is being transferred do not smoke or place the FLO-FAST pump or system by any type of flame.
  Steps the operator must take when fluid transfer is complete  
  • After a fluid transfer operation, carefully raise the line out of the fluid opening and let the fluid drain back into the system container. Do not set the hose down until all of the fluid has drained back into the container.
  • To eliminate any person from pumping fluid accidentally, DO NOT store the FLO-FAST pump in any type of portable jug. Always put the pump and system in a safe area where children / others do not have access to it.
  • Children must not use the FLO-FAST portable fluid transfer pump and system.
  • Do not transport the FLO-FAST pump while it is in the utility jugs.
  • After a fluid transfer operation, always remove FLO-FAST pump from container and place the cap on the utility jug.
  • Do not allow individuals under licensed age to use the FLO-FAST pump or system.
  • If you choose to use FLO-FAST with any type of volatile fluid like gasoline or methanol or any harmful chemical, do not inhale vapors.
  • If any component breaks on the FLO-FAST portable fluid transfer pump or system, do not use until you have replaced all of the broken components.
  • When filling containers at a gas station always place the container on the ground and never fill a container when it is in a trunk, in the bed of a truck, in a trailer, or on top of a vehicle. Do not overfill the container beyond manufacturer’s specified levels to allow for fluid expansion.
  • You can only use the FLO-FAST pump on industry standard large mouth jugs.
  • Do not use the FLO-FAST pump on any container that does not fit the FLO-FAST pump.
  • Part Numbers: 75001, 75002, 75003, 75004, 10501, 10502, 10503, 10504, 15501, 15502, 15503, 15504 Are designed for the FLO-FAST pump and come with a vent inserted into the container. When pumping or drawing fluid with the FLO-FAST pump, you must properly open the vent for a proper venting system. Pouring from these containers can be dangerous and is not recommended.
  • Do not store jugs outside or in the sunlight
  • If you are using the FLO-FAST pump with fluids that do not lubricate the FLO-FAST pump, over time you may have to prime the pump if you are trying to draw fluid with a dry pump.
  • You may need to prime the pump if you are trying to draw or suck fluid from more than 5 feet away. (Each pump comes with 5 feet of hose)
  • The 5 foot accessory extension is for pumping purposes.
  • If you are pumping or drawing at a rate more than 60 revolutions per minute you run the risk of over pressurizing the pump.

Questions & Reviews

Customer questions & answers

  • Question:

    Will the 5 gallon container 18" high work with the standard transfer pump? I need a low over all height for storage.

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      Yes our Professional Model Pump will work with our 5 Gallon Containers


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