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FLO-FAST Versa Cart

Price: $179.99$219.99

The Versa Cart was designed for the FLO-FAST system.  The basic design is the same for each of the Carts, the key differences are with the band size to hold 1 or 2 containers and tire and wheel size

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Features & Specs

The Versa Cart was designed and purpose-built for the FLO-FAST™ Containers and Pump Systems.  This cart was created with ultimate portability and function in mind to meet a variety of recreational and commercial uses.  The unique design in the core components is consistent with each of the Versa Carts with one of the key differences being the size of the newly-designed wire forms that secure the containers to the detachable load-plate technology.  The other difference being the choice in tire sizes offered- a standard 10 inch compact tire or the 12 inch tall tire.  The Versa Cart is made of steel and protected with an exterior powder coating to ensure the durability and strength needed to transport up to 250 pounds through rugged terrain.  The cart has a one-of-a-kind design where each component breaks down individually for compact storage and easy transport.  This includes a detachable load plate, telescoping handle assembly, 2 wire form attachments, and solid rubber tires eliminating the risk of them ever going flat.


  • Designed for a single 15 gallon size container, dual 7.5 gallon size containers, or dual 10.5 gallon size containers
  • Choice of (2) 10-inch tires or (2) 12-inch tires and wheels that are solid rubber, eliminating any risk of the tires going flat
  • Heavy-duty, 15 inch wide steel, detachable load plate that is secured with pin and cotter key
  • A telescoping handle with 2 locations- 1 that is fully-extended for transporting and the other bottom location offers compact storage
  • Handle includes 2 contour grips and is offset with a 30 degree angle towards the load plate- to balance weight when in transport
  • 2 wire forms that slide within an aluminum block for adjustability
  • Wire form blocks are placed on the back of the load plate, secured with 2 allen head set screws that hold the wire form in place
  • Solid steel axle with 3 inch wide footplate, utilized to tip-back and set down your container



  • 2: 10-inch or 12-inch tires and wheels
  • Load plate
  • 1 inch upright tube connected to handle
  • Axel and 1 ¼ inch upright telescoping tube
  • Handlebar and grips
  • 2 wire forms fitting a 15 gallon container (Jug), dual 7.5 gallon containers (Jugs) or dual 10.5 gallon containers (Jugs)
  • 2 aluminum blocks
  • 2 collar clamps to secure tires to axel
  • 2 pins- 1 for connecting upright handle and 1 for connecting load plate to axle
  • Hex key to tighten collar clamp and set screws for wire forms



Questions & Reviews

Customer questions & answers

  • Question:

    What is the difference between SKU 60615-k and sku 60605-k???

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      60605 has a 10" tire and the 60615 has a 12" tire

  • Question:

    What is the difference between SKU 60615-k and 60605-k ?


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