FLO-FAST Compact Versa Cart

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The Compact Versa Cart is extremely versatile, durable, light weight and simple to use. The unique design will hold any FLO-FAST™ single container and (2) 5-gallon size containers. The cart is manufactured and assembled in the USA.




Features & Specs

The Compact Versa Cart was designed and purpose-built for the FLO-FAST™ Containers and Pump Systems. The Compact Versa Cart is extremely versatile, durable, light weight and simple to use. The overall durability will meet a variety of recreational and commercial applications. The unique tank bracket enables a user to quickly attach and re-attach containers to the cart. The Compact Versa is truly versatile when it comes to holding all of our different container sizes. It will hold (2) 5-gallon size containers, (1) 7.5, 10.5, or 15 gallon size. The Versa Cart is made out of high-grade USA steel and protected with an exterior powder coating.


  • Designed for any single FLO-FAST™ gallon size container, or dual 5 gallon size containers
  • (2) 10-inch tires and wheels that are solid rubber, thus eliminating any risk of the tires going flat
  • Heavy-duty steel load plate; coupled with built-in area for solid steel axle and upright tube
  • A telescoping handle with 2 locations; One fully-extended for transporting and the other bottom location offers compact storage
  • Container(s) handle secured with thumb screw and bracket


Compact Versa Cart Includes

  • 2: 10-inch tires and wheels
  • Load plate
  • 1 inch upright tube connected to handle
  • Axel
  • 1 ¼ inch upright telescoping tube
  • 2 collar clamps with hex key to secure tires to axel
  • 1 pin for connecting upright handle



Questions & Reviews

Customer questions & answers

  • Question:

    Does the cart come with the tank bracket? It's not in the pictures.

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      Yes, the cart comes with the tank bracket.

  • Question:

    I have your 7.5 gallon container. Will this fit?
    Great product.

    • Answer (From: PDG Team)

      If you look at the very bottom of your container and it has two hand locations (1 left and 1 in the front) it will fit on this cart as intended.


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