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Below is a list of questions that we hear frequently.  If your question is not answered in the list, please email us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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What length of hose comes with the pumps?

The standard length of hose that comes with each pump is 5 feet.

Does each container come with a cap?

Yes, each container comes with it's own solid cap. When you buy a pump that also comes with a cap already in the draw tube assembly.

What is this wire wrapped around the pump head?

It is the static line. You should clip this to something metal of what you are filling up.

What is this plug in the bottom of my draw tube?

This is a rubber plug we send along to keep any debris from going into the draw tube when it is outside of the container.

Please remove this before putting the pump into the container and trying to pump with it.

Will these containers fit under a tonneau cover?

Unfortunately our 7.5, 10.5 and 15 gallon containers will not fit under the flat ones. The ones that roll can fit the 7.5 gallon container under but you are going to have a little bulge. in that area.

The best thing to do, would be to put them at the end of the bed and roll the tonneau cover to that point leaving just the container sticking up.

Will leaving the pump on the container damage it?

No. But if you leave it on there and someone knocks over the container, you run the risk of the pump being damaged. The other thing to remember is if the container has fluid in it and someone being curious turns the handle you could have fluid all over the place.

Our recommendation is to remove the pump from the container when not in use.

What cart do I need?

The Compact Fold Flat and Fold Flat carts are ideally used only on hard surfaces.

The 10 inch pneumatic tire Versa Cart will navigate through grass, light sand, and small rocks.

The 13 inch pneumatic tire Versa Cart will help you get up and down stairs, through heavy sand and big rocks.

Can I lay these container on their side?

The simple answer is no. We do test the containers so they don't leak when on their sides. However if the cap isn't on tight or the vent isn't closed all the way then you could have fuel everywhere.

Our recommendation is to keep the container upright when fluid is inside them.

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