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Hello Norm,

As promised, I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I received my Flo-Fast pump, cart, and 15 gallon jug last week.  This weekend,  I
was able to assemble everything and try it out.  Long story short, it works perfectly for the application.  Per our conversation, I typed up a review of
the product, took some pictures of it,  and posted it on Tractor By Net on Saturday evening.  As of 11:00 on Sunday morning, it had been viewed
over 600 times and had several positive replies  / comments made.  The post can be seen in the link below, and I will continue to monitor it and
answer questions as needed.  

Thanks again for working with me on this product, and I really hope to get a lot of use out of it.   I also hope that you will be able to generate some
extra sales, while also establishing greater brand awareness in the Ag community.


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Hello All-

A couple weeks ago, I asked what people were using to refuel their tractors. I originally posted my question in the JD Owning / Operating forum, but
was soon pointed to other forums where the same question had been asked several times. After combing through numerous threads, it was
apparent I was not happy about the fuel filler location on my new tractor.

After reading numerous posts, it was pretty set on getting a 25-30 gallon gas caddy, however I did not like the fact that a 30 gallon caddy would
weigh a lot and would be tough to load and unload from my truck. What I did like about the caddy was the fact that it had a manual pump which
meant that I would not have to deal with keeping a battery around to power the pump.

While scouring the net, I came across the Flo Fast product on Global Industrial site and thought that this could be what I was looking for. When I
went to Flo-Fasts website, I saw that they actually had a bunch of options to choose from, including some options that would work with my existing
5 gallon jugs. I ended up calling the company and speaking with the owner for a bit and although they were more focused on the boating and racing
industry, I was told that their pumps and containers work just fine for diesel tractors.

Since my new Deere 4720 holds 15 gallons, I ended up ordering their 15 gallon tank, heavy duty cart, and professional pump. The parts arrived this
past week, and I finally had a chance to try it out. The fuel jug is pretty thick, yet it is easy enough to toss into the back of my truck and fill it up.
Since we are only talking about 15 gallons, I like the fact that I don't have to worry about fuel sitting around for too long, especially during winter.
The cart is solid, and has no issues moving the filled container around. As an added bonus, it folds up nicely and does not take up a lot of space.
The pump moves up to 8 gallons a minute, so you have to be careful or else it is somewhat easy to overfill your gas tank (ask me how I know this).
While using the system, there were no leaks which kept everything nice and clean.

About the only downside I can see to this system is that the fuel jug weighs about 100 pounds when full, so it is pretty dang heavy to lift out of my
truck bed. If I were to do this again, I would probably consider going with the two 7.5 gallons cans as those will be much more manageable.
Depending on which package you choose, the options can get pricey, however the quality is there, so you do get what you pay for. Overall, I really
cant complain, and am very happy with this purchase (and so is my back and shoulders).

Well, there you have it. I have gotten so much good information from this forum ever since I purchased my first Deere 4310 back in 2002, so I hope
that this review / information will help some of you out there who are also looking for a smarter / better way to get work done using our tractors.

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Product Support and Marine Market customer review:

Emailed Comments = I stopped in the other day and you guys replaced 6 of the gas caps for my 7.5 gal cans that I was having issues with.
Thanks for standing behind your product. I love the pump and the cans. This has made my job of refueling the 2 boats and 2 PWC so much easier.
The difference of what I would have to pay for fuel on the lake vs what I pay at the pump has more than paid for the system. Thanks! Terry
Testimonial - Lawn Care Maintenance Market

Michael, The read receipt is to know you got it.  Great talking with you this morning.

Usually I offer a comment on how to improve a product and for the first time that I can remember I couldn’t come up with anything.  
Sounds like you were thinking harder than me!  Please see the attached....


Product Development Group LLC
7887 Fuller Road Suite 116
Eden Prairie, MN  55346

Attn.: Michael

Dear Flo-Fast,

In March of this year I began searching for a way to fuel all my yard equipment without the spilling that invariably occurred using the traditional gas
can w/spout or funnel.  It seemed no matter how careful I was that there was always some sort of spill or dribble.

That same month I found your product on the web but felt the price was too high without having a chance to actually see its construction.  At that
time I was unable to visit the local dealer, Jones RV, an hour away.  Feeling your product would be perfect (as did my wife); I shelved my search and
continued to use the cans.

On June 8th I made a trip to Jones RV and literally on the first look at your product realized that the design and construction was worth every
penny:  I ordered a pump and two red 5 gal jugs before I left.

Since the receipt of my Flo-Fast Fuel System on June 27th I have used only it to fuel my yard equipment.  What a pleasure !  You can ask my wife;  
practically every time I fuel I make some comment on how nice, fast, and easy it is to fuel with no spilling.  One unit in particular, my Walker mower
had been difficult to fuel using can, spout, and funnel and seemed to always result with gas on the ground.  The fuel opening is located below a
support bar for the grass catcher, which when using cans, had to be emptied then lifted up in order to fuel.  NO MORE !!!  Now I just pull up, shut the
unit off, fuel up, and go, with no spills – all in a matter of 1-2 minutes; and without having to empty and lift the grass catcher.  I wouldn’t want to think
of doing my grounds without my Walker; AND, I wouldn’t want to think of having to fuel using any other method than your Flo-Fast System.  

After a season of constant use, I would like to offer my congratulations to PDG, LLC for having such an outstanding product.  All components are of
the highest quality, very sturdy, and well designed and made.  The pump is particularly easy to operate and as the name implies – very Fast.  And, I
have full control over the dispensing with no overfills and spillage: total control !  I haven’t had the need yet to reverse flow any product but the ability
to do so will come in handy when the need arises.  The different colored containers quickly identify the different products a user might wish to store
and transfer.  The colors also enable the user to comply with the color codes for containers posted at many gas stations.  Having the option of
different sized containers lets the user determine what’s best for them; the red five gallon fits in my car trunk perfectly and ensures I’m meeting the
local code for a red container for gas.  Time, use, misuse, and accidents eventually will necessitate a repair and it’s comforting to know repair parts
are available and that the pump unit itself is ‘repairable’.

I’m a homeowner and the Flo-Fast System has given me; speed of fueling, the versatility to handle several products (2 and 4 cycle gas), portability
(store inside, pump outside), and SAFETY AND CONTROL with no spills or overfilling.  Since June I’ve been filling riding equipment as well as walk-
behind and hand held units.  Too soon I’ll be refueling my snowblowers.

Not only is the Flo-Fast an excellent product; it is backed by excellent people.  My order was handled promptly and accurately, arriving as promised
and 100% ready to go with no problems.  My before and after sale questions have been answered by the PDG and the dealer (Jones RV) in a most
professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly way.

As far as I am concerned, there is no other way to fuel my yard equipment than with Flo-Fast which is supported by a first rate team of professionals.

Very truly yours