FLO-FAST is the perfect tool for people who spend time on the water.  FLO-FAST makes re-fueling your boat or watercraft
extremely safe, easy, and when using as instructed you will not spill a drop into the water!
Marine application overview:
After using FLO-FAST you will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that this
unique system offers.  When purchasing a FLO-FAST system some things to think
about are how frequently you will be re-fueling and how you will be transporting the
system to your boat or jet ski.

Pump choices (Premium, and Professional) typically depend on your water sport
activity.  We do recommend the Premium model pump to customers who have
pontoons or smaller boats who are not re-fueling frequently.  If you are a skier or a
wake boarder and need to re-fuel weekly / bi-weekly, we do recommend the
Professional model pump.  If you have a 20+ foot boat and you will be pumping 25+
gallons regularly we would recommend the Professional model pump as well.
on: FLO-FAST product line link then on (1) of the pumps for details regarding the
different models)

If your lake home or cabin has a very flat hard surface the fold flat cart will work just
fine.  If the terrain has sand, will potentially be soft or rocky terrain the Versa cart is

When determining the FLO-FAST container size keep in mind the weight of a full
container.  The 7.5 gallon container will weigh 50 pounds, the 10.5 gallon container will
weight 70 pounds, and the 15 gallon container will weigh 100 pounds when full.  Each
container has two handles which makes lifting easy and even easier with two people.  
Keep in mind you don't have to fill the container full!

Our 5 foot hose extension is very popular in the marine market and is a must have - if
your fuel opening is on the opposite end of your dock when your boat is on the lift.  This
extension will give you the ability to reach up to 10 feet away from the dock.
Step by step illustration of how to use the FLO-FAST system.
1. Place the pump system onto the jug and secure tightly.  Then, orient the pump head
so you are pumping with your right hand.

2.  Now secure the tether line to something on your boat to ensure the line will stay in
the fluid opening.

3.  Simply rotate the crank arm at a rate of 1 revolution per second and you will be
dispensing 5-8 gallons per minute depending on the pump you purchase.

Note:  Clockwise rotation pumps fluid from container.  Counterclockwise rotation will draw fluid
out of a container.

Note:  If you have the 7.5 gallon jug - it will take you approximately 90 seconds and you will
switch to your next jug.

Note if you have the 15 gallon jug it will take you 2 - 2 1/2 minutes do dispense the entire jug, once
again it depends on which pump you are using (Select, Premium, Professional).
Unleaded Tank Adapter (PN 40407):
Most new boats have a standard 7/8''
opening.  The outside diameter of the
standard hose is 1''.  The unleaded tank
adapter outside diameter is slightly
smaller than 7/8''.  Make sure to check
your boat before ordering as this item
does not come standard with the
FLO-FAST systems.
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