9 '' Non-Splash funnel w / flexible hose (yellow)
P N # - 40430
Large oval opening with rolled lip to help prevent splatters and
spills.  The molded handle, flexible filler tube and anti-splash
feature along with a tight
40 micron filter screen make this a
great funnel.
"FLO-FAST Anti-Splash Funnel"
Jug Funnel Kit Assembly
P N # - 40410 (patent pending by PDG)
One piece cap and funnel combo works on all large mouth utility jugs and
PDG's 7 1/2 and 15 gallon jugs.  Perfect for collecting and recycling,
transferring and storage.  Round 10'' diameter funnel wtih lid (4 qt.
capacity).  Funnel opening is 1 1/4'' enablinga fast pour rate.  Transfers
from one jug to another in seconds!
10'' Heavy Duty Diesel funnel with screen
P N # - 40440
Great for many uses, but especially with transferring diesel
fuel.  The filter (
100 micron) screen design helps filter out
water in diesel fuel.  Large 4 quart capacity lets you
dispense any type of fluid fast.
"Big Opening
Funnel - (Diesel)"
5 quart poly pour can with flexible spout & cap
P N # - 40450
5 Quart dispenser with flexible pour spout.  Top lid and spout
cap seals dispenser for storage,  Ideal size for easy handling
when pouring oil, transmission fluid, water, etc.
"Quit Spilling
When Pouring"
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